Fistikli Baklava $11.99
Cevizli Baklava $11.99
Sade Sobiyet $11.99
Fistikli Sobiyet $12.99
Cikolatali Fistikli $13.99
Burma $11.99
Kare Dilimi $13.99
Ev Baklava Cevizli $12.99
Fistikli Sarma $17.99
Sutlu Nuriye $14.99
Kadayif $10.99
Sekerpare $10.99
Mini Pite $16.99
Safir Special $14.99
Mix Special $14.99


5 PCS Sugar Borek $8.90
Su Boregi $4.50
Kol Boregi $2.75
Gul Boregi $3.50
Simit $2.00
Acma Sade $1.75
Acma Zeytinli $2.25
Pogaca Sade $1.75
Pogaca Peynirli $1.75
Pogaca Kiymali $1.75
Pogaca Kasarli $2.00
Croissant Sade $2.00
Croissant Almond $2.00
Croissant Jelly $2.00
Croissant Chocolate $2.00
Apple Turnover $2.25


Turkish Breakfast $17.99
Menemen $10.99
Sunny Side-Up $7.99
Plain Omelette $8.99
Soujouk Omelette $10.99
Cheese Omelette $10.99
Eggs With Soujouk $10.99
Vegetable Omelette $10.99
Ground Meat Omelette $9.99
Sosisli Omelette $9.99
Peynirli (Cheese) Gozleme $9.99
Ispanakli (Spinach) Gozleme $9.99
Patatesli (Potato) Gozleme $9.99
Boiled Egg $2.00
Salmon Eggs Benedict $12.99
Avocado Eggs Benedict $10.99
French Fries $5.99


Safir Burger $8.99 - Meal $12.99
Siriloin Burger $8.99 - Meal $12.99
Cheese Burger $8.99 - Meal $12.99
French Fries $5.99


Spaghetti Pasta $8.99
Alfredo Pasta $8.99


Shepherd Salad $10.99
Mediterranean Salad $10.99
Safir Salad $10.99


Lentil Soup $6.95
Soup of The Day $7.95


Yengen Toast $9.50
Mixed Toast $9.50
Kashkaval Cheese Toast $7.99

Cold Sandwiches

Basil, Mozzarella & Tomato $7.99
Feta, Tomato & Cucumber $7.99
Feta, Tomato & Pastrami $9.95


Turkish Tea S.$1.50-L.$2.25
Turkish Coffee S.$2.00-L.$3.00
Regular Coffee S.$1.50-M.$1.75-L.$2.25
Iced Tea S.$2.00-L.$2.50
Espresso S.$1.50-L.$3.00
Americano L.$3.00
Hot Chocolate L.$2.50
Soda $1.50
Coke $1.50
Water $1.50
Spring Water $2.00

Paper Cup To Go

Turkish Tea S.$1.50-M.$1.75-L.$2.25
Herbal Tea S.$1.50-M.$1.75-L.$2.25
Latte S.$2.75-M.$3.50-L.$3.75
Capuccino S.$2.75-M.$3.50-L.$3.75
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