Sobiyet is one of the many delectable pastries that originated from Turkey. The name sobiyet, is believed to derive from an Arabic word meaning “to eat, to be full”. Today, sobiyet is a popular dessert in Turkey, next to the famous baklava for those to want to try a different variation of the pastry. 

Similar to baklava, sobiyet is made from layered phyllo dough and commonly filled with walnuts, but what makes it unique is its special cream filling. The cream, called kaymak, is made from a mixture of semolina and milk, and adds to the sweetness of sobiyet. Semolina is made from the finest durum wheat and is a key ingredient in this dessert and adds texture and taste. The dessert is then drenched with sweet syrup. This creates a pastry that is crusty and flaky on the outside, but soft and creamy on the inside. Sobiyet is commonly served with ice cream and can be found satisfying one’s sweet tooth at Turkish bakeries!